Veda Beverages Product “Veda’s Water” Seems to Stay for A Long Period of Time

by | Jul 1, 2018 | News

Something acquired without effort won’t stay for a long time and that which is achieved with rigorous effort will remain for a healthy period of time. Veda Beverages’ recent product “Veda’s Water” is an ideal example for the above metaphor.

After years of research, done on around 3000 people, Veda Beverages CEO Mr. Venkat Veeramachaneni launched the product in 2017 with a promising objective of serving his customers with healthy drinking water. Mr. Venkat confesses, “Only because Veda’s Water has certain unique properties in its water which leads to better health have we launched this product in this competitive market.”

“Most of the urban population today suffer with the common ailments such as digestion problem, acidity, overweight and etc, Veda’s Water can counter them provided people consume the water on a periodic basis,” added Mr. Venkat.