An easy to comprehend list of frequently asked questions about Veda Beverages’ products

How is Veda’s Water different from other packaged drinking water brands?

Veda’s Water owes its efficacy to a unique technology which enhances the capacity of water to make it
highly functional and healthy for consumption.

How does Veda’s Water taste?

Veda’s Water is soothing to taste and goes easy on the palate.

What is ‘functional’ about Veda’s Functional water?

Veda’s Water has the capacity to enhance bodily functions thereby making it beneficial for those who consume it.

What are the key benefits of Veda’s Water?

Regular consumption of Veda’s Water revitalizes the body, improves digestion and metabolism, and boosts immunity among a host of other benefits.

What is Veda’s Water composed of?

Veda’s Water is composed of essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and much more. The bio-availability of oxygen content is higher when compared to other brands in the market.

What technology has been used for producing Veda’s Water?

Veda’s Water is produced using a unique patented technology which enhances the properties of water molecules.

What is the price of Veda’s Water?

Though Veda’s Water offers numerous health benefits, it is priced at par with regular packaged drinking water – to make our water available to the poorest person, being the primary reason behind its nominal pricing.

Are preservatives added to Veda’s Water?

Veda’s Water is 100% free from preservatives and additives.

Where is the Veda’s Water sourced from?

The water is obtained from the regular drinking water supply which is currently available to all citizens. Once bottled, it is passed through our unique patented technology which enhances its properties making it Veda’s Functional Water .

What is the shelf-life on Veda’s Water?

Veda’s Water will be effective for six months from the date inscribed on the bottle provided it remains sealed until opening.

Where can I buy Veda’s Water?

Veda’s Water is available at all major retail outlets. You can order it online as well.