Upcoming Functional Water Trends

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Blog

Functional water consumers have been rapidly growing across the world as the presence of minerals and vitamins offering essential health benefits makes it quite desirable. In addition to this it should be observed that it is not just water but any beverage made of functional water seems to be preferred by people across the world, as conveyed by a survey.

This growth in consumption of functional water beverages is due to the fact that they contain good quality and natural ingredients that are essential for a human body. However, Technavio, a London based market research company says that globally the market for functional beverages is going to take more progressive steps by accommodating few trends in the near future.

These trends are going to increase the demand for functional beverages quintuple times in the global market.

Let’s go through this chart that describes the upcoming trends for functional water

Note- This chart is curated from Technavio

As the survey shows, consumption of functional water has always been high on the radar for most European countries and this trend is likely to spread to other parts of the world like Asia-Pacific countries. Due to herbal ingredients present in this water, people are shifting towards it, believe the researchers.

Nutritional Trends Of Functional Water

Today’s consumers are quiet wary of the beverages consumed on a daily basis at office, universities, streets, etc. and they are looking for functional beverages as a way to increase their proclivity for more productivity and well being.

Let’s look at few nutritional benefits of functional water.

Functional Beverages for Sportspersons/Athletes for A Better Immune System
The quality of output in athletes is not due to rigorous practice and workouts alone but also the quality of beverages they consume. Different kinds of environments, the level of pressure on the field, travel exhaustion and psychological stress as well may lead to an improper immune system.

Manufacturers of functional water and beverages are collaborating with sports authorities to come up with functional beverages that can offer health benefits, especially ones which fortify the immune system.

Functional Water As Stress Reliever for all
Stress has/is always been an hindrance for most populace in the process of progress in life and detrimental effects seem to affect both bodily health and mental health. Functional beverages have natural ingredients that support the human body while in stress and can address the mental imbalance, gradually resulting in a cool and composed behavior.

Functional Water for Children
Children’s’ safety happens to be the top most priority for parents and to accomplish that they will do everything one could imagine. Functional beverages such as fruit waters, juices, shakes and dairy beverages made of functional water is the solution for parents who are thinking about their child’s health as functional water is manufactured naturally, though generated with the help of processing technology.

Eventually, these upcoming trends are expected to grow the value of functional water in the market. However, not all brands that manufacture functional beverages are authentic, only few have the natural properties in it that will lead to better lifestyle and health.