How Functional Water Can Nurture Sports Persons’ Performances

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Blog

Functional WaterWater is one of the most abundant natural substances humans have discovered so far, yet its nature has remained the same since the beginning; water is simple, odorless, transparent, and remains easily accessible to all. While we are fully aware of the fact that water consumption is important for good health and better functioning of the human body, for specific personalities it becomes even more indispensible as it enhances performance in their domain of work.

The evolution of packaged drinking water in recent times has witnessed a steady rise across the globe with many new players joining the fray. While some of them promise added sminerals or metals the others showcase the bottled water brand’s origin from springs near mountains.

In this scenario, how do consumers know which one is right for them… especially sportspersons who need to ensure they are drinking the right amount of water?

The basic nature of the water molecule ensures hydration of all living things on this planet. In the context of humans, we use water in various formulations to keep ourselves hydrated in order to maintain optimal metabolism which in turn regulated the functioning of our entire body.

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Especially, when it comes to the sports personalities, water plays a prominent role in shaping their careers on and off the field.

How and Why Water Becomes Important for Athletes? Let’s know…
Ideally, sports persons or athletes ensure sufficient nutrients enter their body through fluids, and then plan on their food consumption because fluids keep them hydrated and light while on the field.

Most water based energy drinks, fruit juices, and bottled water aim at hydrating the athletes as muscular performance is enhanced when the body remains hydrated. Hence, sportspersons also avoid heavy sugar intake as it dehydrates the body and can cause fatigue quickly.

Within bottled water brands as well, not many aim at cellular-level hydration despite carrying nutrients meant for well being of the body. When hydration occurs at the cellular level, the body performs better can go the extra mile.

Let’s now get to what functional water can do for the human body.

Functional Water Doubles Athletes Performances
Athletes have to consume water at regular intervals before, during and after the match in order to remain hydrated and not be affected by dehydration.

Consuming functional water before the start of play helps athletes with total cellular hydration which in turns helps in superior exhibition of their talents once they are on the field. As compared to regular water which is needed in more spells, functional water keeps the body clock ticking for extended periods of time.

Normal Water VS Functional Water
Normal Water Functional Water
Hydration for couple of hours on an average Hydration for 100% longer duration than  normal water
Consumption required is 8 glasses per day Consumption required is 4 glasses per day
It only kills your thirst It kills thirst as well as rejuvenates you
Can’t combat common ailments which appear on field. Can combat common ailments like heat and body cramps, headache, heatstroke, etc

Functional water is rich in minerals which gives the water the sublime quality from the rest of the bottled water brands.

Hydration – the Secret of Success for Athletes
Functional Water Doubles Athletes PerformancesMost athletes acknowledge the fact that water is the primary reason for their success and constant performance on the field irrespective of the sport. However, not all water supplies these kinds of nutrients in human body except water which carries the right minerals and ph value.

Drinking water when you are thirsty is not good enough when it comes to properly hydrating the body of an athlete but consuming the right water is important because when the thirst mechanism activates, it is usually a sign that the body is already under-hydrated (and possibly headed towards dehydration). At this point, the body has to catch up to function properly and that can happen with functional water and not normal.

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Functional water has the ability to keep the body hydrated for a longer time because of the necessary properties this water has acquired.

Importance of Functional Water for Athletes
  • Improved Immunity
  • Carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells
  • Regulating body temperature through sweating
  • Aiding in blood circulation
  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Moistening mucous membranes
  • Lubricating and cushioning joints
  • Helping to eliminate the byproducts of the body’s metabolism
  • Maintaining the health and integrity of every cell in the body
  • Aiding in digestion
  • Helping the body absorb nutrients
  • Protecting and cushioning vital organs
  • Removing waste

Functional water should be consumed by athletes because proper hydration for the young athletes cannot be overstated. Young athletes, parents, coaches and trainers need to understand that proper hydration is crucial for optimal sports performance and eventually for the athlete’s health.

There are several functional water bottle brands in India but not all are genuine and authentic. Now it is up to the consumer, especially for athletes, to choose the right bottle that will enhance their game and eventually their physical health.