Beauty Water and Its Ignored Benefits

by | Sep 30, 2018 | Blog

Beauty water is commonly used as a facial refreshment spray alone, however, surveys reveal that beauty water can be an entire facial skin care in a bottle, its benefits ignored by people due to lack of awareness.

Beauty has always been an acquiring aspect among people which is not a bad thing to wish but how can we possess that without using too many chemically made products?

Beauty water is something that is made out of water, a natural ingredient and evidently it has been touted as a key component of beauty.

Let’s look at the different ways Beauty Water can be used…

It Can Be Your pH Balancing Toner- The ideal pH value for human body is around 7.4 but when it comes to the face, it’s just around 5.5 and the pH value of beauty water contains exactly that. As we apply a lot of makeup, wander in different climates, and come across polluted environments, the facial skin tends to de-hydrate and get parched.

Beauty water with the ideal pH value plays an important role in bringing back the skin to its natural pH level and re-balances the face.

Beauty water with gentle pH value can be used for all kinds of skin, including sensitive ones.

It can be Your Exfoliator- Both willow bark and papaya extracts are present in beauty water that helps the skin to exfoliate and ensure it remains clear of dead skin cells. Applying beauty water everyday will help the skin remain gentle and thus ensures the removal of hair follicles, dead skin, or other impurities attached to your skin.

It Can Be Your Instant Cleanser- Beauty Water works as a quick fix cleanser when you need to present yourself in an acceptable way but do not have much time to work on your look. Whether you are just up from bed, back from a day of outing, or have been exposed to dust and pollution, a quick spray of beauty water on the face can enliven it up.

It Can Be Your Makeup Removal- Last but not the least as makeup removal becomes the most important task in this showbiz era, beauty water can gently sweep the impurities that form due to makeup with the help of micelles that is present in authentic beauty water.