What is Veda’s Water?

Veda’s Water is water in its most sublime form.

The perfect ingredient for a healthy life, Veda’s Water is a unique blend of ancient knowledge with modern science to bring to you the goodness of nature’s bounty.

Containing naturally occurring minerals, Veda’s Water activates improved metabolism of the human body when consumed periodically.

The Uniqueness of Veda’s Water

Veda’s is produced through a unique patented technology which makes the Veda’s Water unique, exceptional, and incomparable.

When consumed on a periodic basis, common ailments such as acidity, general fatigue and weakness, hormonal imbalances, etc. can be addressed.

Applications of Veda’s Water

As a Beverage for Bodily Hydration

As a beverage for bodily hydration


As an Additive to the Cooking Process

As an additive to the cooking process


As an ingredient for soft beverages

As an ingredient for soft beverages


As a Mixer to Liquor-Based Beverages

As a mixer to liquor-based beverages


As a Component for sauces, Pulps, and Pastes

As a component for sauces, pulps, and pastes


As a constituent of Brews,  and Tonics

As a constituent of brews,
and tonics


Our Journey

Veda Beverages’ commitment to environmentally sustainability and social responsibility has been the key motive in our journey.

Since our inception in 2014, we have rigorously focused our efforts in manufacturing various water-based products which aim at improving the quality of the human body. All our products bear the distinct consistency and hallmark of our commitment to quality.

Be it our flagship product, Veda’s Functional Water, our next innovation, Veda’s Sparkling Water, or our latest offering, Veda’s Beauty Water, the endeavor has been to provide superior quality products at affordable prices.

Vision & Mission


Our central vision is Performance with Purpose.

Aiding our vision are principles based on social responsibility, commitment towards our employees, and improving the general condition of human health.


To rejuvenate Earth, holistically!

Our mission’s success lies in rejuvenating planet Earth by making our products available to the populace, thereby enhancing their overall well-being.